Sunday, November 18, 2012

Steak Au Poive with Herbed Potato Wedges

Today I planned on doing a few things around the house
till my tummy started coming up with different plans.

I was out shopping for dinner when I came across the 2 nicest cuts of rib-eye Ive seen in a while.

What to do...What to do....

Pow!!! It came to me, Steak Au Poive.

So now I'm on a mission. weaving in and out of aisles , cutting off irate shoppers ,doing illegal
U-turns in the produce department. 

picked up
Beef stock
(liquor store for brandy)
and of course the Rib-Eye

Headed home and started my attack

Bring steaks to room temp.


Season with kosher salt then

Lather both sides with Dijon mustard.

Now pat in coarse crushed black pepper.  Again, do both sides

I used a cast iron pan for this dish

1/4 cup Vegetable oil in pan nice and hot then sear  3 Minutes per side.

Get a nice crust..

Cut your potatoes into wedges season with salt and pepper olive oil in pan and infuse with thyme Sage and Rosemary.

Remove Steaks and set aside. 

Add chopped shallots (1 TBS )
Add Chopped Garlic (2 TBS)

Add 1/4 cup Brandy and carefully Flambe`

After Flames die down add in 1 1/2 cups beef stock and reduce to about half volume.

Add in 1 cup heavy cream. simmer till it coats back of spoon.

Also add in 1 TBS of sherry vinegar. ( I feel this gives the sauce a nice acidic pop)
Once sauce is thick ,serve and enjoy.

Until Next Time.......

Be True to The Way Of The Fork.