Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Challenge #2 Risotto

The next challenge was to nail a risotto.

This isn't new to me but then again adding layers of flavor to it are so.......

I wanted to do something seasonal so I added a gourd to the mix.

I was very pleased with the results.

I served the risotto with a veal chop and then with a fillet mignon.

 the veal chop..
the fillet

I felt the later was the better.

Creative Time with a chocolate souffle'

This weekend was about challenging myself. Making  a Chocolate Souffle`.

I will tell you, I was happy I did it. 

Nothing is as rewarding as nailing the prefect souffle` first time out.

Will I be able to do it again? Damned if I know but I will sure try.

Ok I found this recipe again on and I want to thank the foodnetwork kitchens for this.

 I ran out of semi sweet chocolate so i hadt to make it my own and use the dutch processed cocoa.
3 tbs per ounce of semi sweet chocolate bars. I needed 12 tbs....Dont judge.....

Double boiler with 4 tbs unsalted butter. (I added heavy cream too about a quarter cup.)
 3 egg yolks and 8 egg whites for next step.

 Chocolate shiny and ready

 3 yolks whisked with 2 tbs sugar till ribbons show

 Fold in to chocolate.
 Oh Baby........

  Egg whites whisked with 1/2 cup sugar. Till it peaks but not stiffly.

 Fold in to chocolate not all at once  put in half and fold then add ther rest and fold. looks like a mousse

Add to buttered and sugared ramekins fill 2/3 to top you will need 6 6oz ramekins for this

I had 4 7oz Ramekins. I dont see a problem yet....

 I melted some vanilla ice cream to pour on top. (my Idea)

 Hello awesome!!

 Messy Pour...

 Wanna Taste?  Cooked through , Light airy. The bitter sweet chocolate is married with the sweet vanilla (anglaze) for a perfect balance.

I call it a success.
 For the record the recipe suggests powdered sugar to be dusted on top. I did this as well.

again it was tasty.
Well ok just one more fork full............